Ghost Shield
Affiliations Ghost Armor, Ghost Knight, Ghost Sword
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 14
Hit points 124
Psychic points 14
Offense 45
Defense 33
IQ 17
Speed 10
Experience reward 37
Wealth 0
Drops Rotten Milk 10%
Vulnerable to PK Thunder, bombs
Location Osohe Castle
In-battle theme Etude for Ghosts
"Don't be taken in by his toothy grin - although this chap isn't terribly aggressive, he has good defense. Send him looking for an orthodontist. Drops Rotten Milk (10%)." - Mother 3 Guidebook

The Ghost Shield is an enemy found in Mother 3. It looks like a medium-sized floating shield, similar to those used in the medieval ages. It is first encountered in a room on the third floor of Osohe Castle by Duster in Chapter 2.

Likely due to being a shield, the Ghost Shield's standard attack does low damage. Naturally, it has a terribly high defense, and when paired up with the Ghost Knight, it increases the Ghost Armor's defense rate by a good number. This shield is weak to falling asleep, and possibly Duster's Siren Beetle. It can also waste a turn by grinning

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 58 which falls under Code Numbers 933 for regular attack, 934 for Smaaaash! and 935 for Miss. It is the only enemy in the game to have this battle sound.

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