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Ghost Shield
Affiliations Ghost Armor, Ghost Knight, Ghost Sword
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 14
Hit points 124
Psychic points 14
Offense 45
Defense 33
IQ 17
Speed 10
Experience reward 37
Wealth 0
Drops Rotten Milk 10%
Vulnerable to PK Thunder, bombs
Location Osohe Castle
In-battle theme Etude for Ghosts
"Don't be taken in by his toothy grin - although this chap isn't terribly aggressive, he has good defense. Send him looking for an orthodontist. Drops Rotten Milk (10%)." - Mother 3 Guidebook

The Ghost Shield is an enemy found in Mother 3. It looks like a medium-sized floating shield, similar to those used in the medieval ages. It is first encountered in a room on the third floor of Osohe Castle by Duster in Chapter 2.

Likely due to being a shield, the Ghost Shield's standard attack does low damage. Naturally, it has a terribly high defense, and when paired up with the Ghost Knight, it increases the Ghost Armor's defense rate by a good number. This shield is weak to falling asleep, and possibly Duster's Siren Beetle. It can also waste a turn by grinning

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