"These ghostly suits may look tough, but there's a chink in their armor. Use your Scary Mask and Tickle Stick to soften them up. Drops Beef Jerky (20%)." - Mother 3 Guidebook

The Ghost Armor is an enemy in Mother 3. They look like a suit of knight armor, with a bubble coming out of the mouth. They are found in Osohe Castle, and they have a fairly high offense, defense, and HP.

One particular Ghost Armor on the 3rd floor can be fought as the Ghost Knight, an enemy who wields a Ghost Sword and Ghost Shield. During Chapter 2, the Pigmasks invade Osohe Castle, and most of the enemies will disappear, including most of the Ghost Armor (having been wrecked during the invasion); the Armor on the third floor will be the only one remaining.

It's battle sound is Battle Sound 38 which falls under Code Numbers 873 for regular attack, 874 for Smaaaash! and 875 for Miss.

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