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Garrickson Baby
Sprites Garricksonbaby
Age At least a few months old
Origin Youngtown
Relatives Tom Garrickson (father)

Unnamed mother

Affiliations Tom Garrickson
Location Youngtown
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
"Yes, even though my body is that of a baby, like you, I possess psychic abilities. I know the power of Teleportation. Use this power to return to a place you've been to."
— Garrickson Baby's consciousness

The Garrickson Baby is a young infant EarthBound Beginnings. The role that this baby plays, rather his consciousness, is highly beneficial because he mentors teleportation to Ninten and Ana.

Sometime before the events of EarthBound Beginnings, an alien, abducted every adult in Youngtown with the exclusion of a few lucky ones, such as his father Tom Garrickson, and were taken to the pinnacle of Mt. Itoi. His father knew that the baby was capable of something special, and he would be proven correct much later.

When Ninten and his friends arrive in Youngtown, they find the town's adults are almost nonexistent, aside from Tom Garrickson and a few others. After finding Tom's residence, Ninten and his friends find the infant, laying inside his crib. When Ninten tries to talk to the baby as if he were talking to an adult, the infant will only make baby sounds. When Ninten uses telepathic communication to converse instead, a voice representing the baby's consciousness will be heard. The voice claims that, despite being in a helpless infant's body, it has the use of psychic abilities; just like Ninten and Ana and can teach them both the power of instantly returning to a place Ninten and the party already visited. Before Ninten and the party leave, the voice warns them that the ability of Teleportation is not a toy.

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