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Sprites Add Fuel Fuel Charcoal Fuel Half Charcoal Fuel
Age 12-15 years old
Origin Sunshine Forest
Relatives Lighter
Appears in Mother 3

Fuel is a character in Mother 3. He is the son of Lighter and a resident of Tazmily Village.

Background Edit

"Wahh! I'm pitch black and covered in soot, but I'm alive. Oh, you're pitch black too, Mr. Flint. Thank you, Mr. Pitch Black Flint! Thank you so so so much, Mr. Pitch Black Flint! Oh, yeah! We need to let my dad know I'm okay. He's probably worried sick about me somewhere!"
— Fuel

Fuel (フエル Fueru) is a character in Mother 3, and is Lighter's son. Fuel is rescued from nearly burning to death in Lighter's shack in the Sunshine Forest by Flint in the first chapter of the game. After this, Fuel temporarily joins Flint, occasionally cheering him on to heal him, and throwing rocks to attack.

If Flint and Fuel go into a Hot Spring when they are still pitch black from the soot of Fuel's burnt down house, most of it will wash off, leaving only the soot on their heads.


  • An alternate costume for Ness in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4 resembles Fuel.
  • Like Claus, if Fuel is inserted into later chapters of Mother 3 via the Debug Room or other cheat methods, he will not be represented as a teenager with the adolescent. This is because Fuel was never meant to be in the party; thus, the game doesn't have/use info about Fuel's age.
  • Hackers have observed that if you go into any hot spring with Fuel (by using the Debug Room), Fuel resembles the 'Rare Bathing Girl', relatable to the Old Man.
  • Fuel's equivalent, in terms of combat, in EarthBound is said to be Picky Minch. Unlike Pokey and Thomas, who do not help at all in fights, he attacks just as Picky does. However, he only throws a rock.
  • His father's name, Lighter, and his name, Fuel, are a reference to a common way of making a fire when put together.

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