Frosted Bun
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Rare enemy
Level 37
Hit points 522
Psychic points 863
Offense 95
Defense 38
IQ 48
Speed 62
Experience reward 1800
Wealth 300
Drops Magic Tart 10%
Vulnerable to PK Fire
Location Snowcap Mountain
In-battle theme Dangerous Guys

Frosted Bun is a rare enemy in Mother 3, encounterable on Snowcap Mountain. Lucas and friends can only initiate battle with one by checking it; otherwise, the Frosted Bun will not attack. Its out-of-battle sprite makes it look like an oblong snowball lying on the ground, but in-battle it appears as its name implies and is leaking a brown filling. It knows Paralysis α, Brainshock Ω, PK Freeze γ, and PK Thunder γ.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 36 which falls under Code Numbers 867 for regular attack, 868 for Smaaaash! and 869 for Miss. However, hacking is required to get it to attack physically because it only uses Psi and is immune to Kumatora's Brainshock.

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