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Frosted Bun
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Rare enemy
Level 37
Hit points 522
Psychic points 863
Offense 95
Defense 38
IQ 48
Speed 62
Experience reward 1800
Wealth 300
Drops Magic Tart 10%
Vulnerable to PK Fire
Location Snowcap Mountain
In-battle theme Dangerous Guys

Frosted Bun is a rare enemy in Mother 3, encounterable on Snowcap Mountain. Lucas and friends can only initiate battle with one by checking it; otherwise, the Frosted Bun will not attack. Its out-of-battle sprite makes it look like an oblong snowball lying on the ground, but in-battle it appears as its name implies and is leaking a brown filling. It knows Paralysis α, Brainshock Ω, PK Freeze γ, and PK Thunder γ.

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