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Frankystein Mark II
Sprites Frankystein
Origin Onett
Affiliations Sharks
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Nom de guerre Frankystein
Hit points 91
Offense 15
Defense 18
Speed 4
Guts 0
Experience reward 76
Wealth $31
Location Onett

The Frankystein Mark II, known as Frankystein 2 in Japan, is a boss encountered in EarthBound. It is a robot invented by Frank Fly, the leader of the Sharks, for unknown purposes. It resembles a tank with a robotic-looking torso, arms, and head.


After Ness beats Frank, Frank brings out what he calls his "trump card": the Frankystein Mark II, which then attacks. However, Ness defeats the robot, prompting Frank to give in and reform himself.

His in-battle theme is shared with Captain Strong, the Boogey Tent, and the Department Store Spook. It is one of the few mechanical enemies that does not use Battle Against A Machine as its battle theme. Its name is a reference to Frankenstein's monster.


Frankystein Mark II will attack roughly every other turn; it relies on punches that deal low damage, and will occasionally tear into Ness for significant damage.

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