The Fourside Department Store is a large store located in Fourside. It is initially closed and only opens after freeing The Runaway Five from Miss Fake's contract by paying off their debt. The store sells a wide variety of goods, ranging from food to condiments to random battle items, including Teddy Bears. There are three stories in total, and it is so large that even its clerks easily get lost in it, as stated in the newspaper article at the hotel.

Burger shop Groceries Condiments Arms Dealer Drugstore
Tools Sports Toys
  • Sand lot bat ($98)
  • Minor League Bat ($399)
  • Mr. Baseball bat ($498)
  • Baseball cap ($19)

When visiting the store for the first time and heading to the exit just after visiting the second floor, the lights go out and Paula is captured by the Department Store Spook. All the people disappear from sight and enemies such as the Musica, the Mystical Record, and the Scalding Coffee Cup will spawn in the building, forcing Ness to go up to the office on the top floor where the Department Store Spook is residing. Upon its defeat, the building will return to normal and the lights will go back on. After Ness and co. stay in a hotel overnight after this event, the newspaper article the bellhop reads to them in the morning mentions that the blackout was caused by the mouse on the first floor who had previously predicted the event, stating that he had an eerie feeling that the lights would go off any minute.