Formidable Foe
MOTHER 3- Formidable Foe02:04

MOTHER 3- Formidable Foe

Sound Player number 101
Code number 1962
Heartbeat code number 1762
Tempo 140 BPM

Formidable Foe is a battle theme in Mother 3. This song is exclusive to the Oh-So-Snake. It's slightly based on the Jaws theme.

Formidable FoesEdit

Formidable Foes
MOTHER 3- Formidable Foes02:08

MOTHER 3- Formidable Foes

Sound Player number 113
Code number 1162
Heartbeat code number 1862
Tempo 140 BPM
Other tempo 70 BPM at 0:23 , 0:48 and 0:59 to 1:01

Formidable Foes is the unused harder version. It has 2 parts where the rhythm is subtly halved - at 0:23 and 0:48. It's also halved at 0:59, but this is more noticeable. This song isn't used for any enemy in the game, but it is present in the Sound Player.

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