Forlorn Junk Heap
Sprites Forlorn Junk Heap Sprite Forlornjunkheap
Unused sprites Forlorn Junk Heap Unused
Relatives Clayman
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Type Strange creature
Level 30
Hit points 1818
Psychic points 48
Offense 122
Defense 45
IQ 15
Speed 27
Experience reward 2534
Wealth 728 DP
Vulnerable to PK Fire
Location Garbage pit near the Highway
In-battle theme Wasteful Anthem
"A Clayman that has grown lonely. All sorts of garbage and junk have been absorbed into its body."
Battle Memory

The Forlorn Junk Heap is a boss encountered in Mother 3. It is a long-discarded Clayman found in the garbage pit near the Highway, which is east of the old coffee shop, and north of the Thunder Tower.

During Chapter 5, when the party nears another moss-covered Clayman used to store Duster's Egg of Light, the garbage-covered giant springs to life and attacks. Once defeated, Duster finally retrieves the Egg of Light and restores his memory.

Like many bosses in Mother 3, the Forlorn Junk Heap has an unused back sprite.


The Forlorn Junk Heap starts the battle enveloped in a shield, which it can replenish at will. It attacks by throwing garbage at a party member, hitting either once or several times; a single-hit attack does much more damage than a continuous stream of garbage. It can also replenish HP or boost its defense using nearby scrap and junk, and produce an incredibly foul, nausea-inducing odor. It is weak against PK Fire.

The Forlorn Junk Heap is one of the few enemies that cannot be sniffed: it smells too putrid for Boney to attempt, though the game classifies it as a strange creature.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 30, which falls under Code Numbers 526 for regular attack, 527 for Smaaaash! and 528 for Miss.

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