"I own an antique shop. No one is buying or selling anything, so I was thinking of selling the "For Sale" Sign that sits in front of me. It's only 98 dollars. Please buy it."
— A Burglin Park merchant

The For Sale sign is an item in EarthBound, which can be bought from a merchant in Twoson's Burglin Park for $98. When used, a customer will attempt to reach the player. If they succeed and arrive, they will ask what Ness has to sell. Items that cannot be sold at Drugstores or other stores cannot be sold to these customers. If the party is in a location that customers can't reach (such as inside many houses, the Lost Underworld or The Cave of the Past) the customer will call and complain that they are extremely hard to reach despite wanting to sell items.

The Exit Mouse cannot be used when there is a customer already approaching Ness and co. because it might get stepped on. The same applies for using the For Sale sign again, because there is somebody already heading their way. After Giygas is defeated, the For Sale sign cannot be used: it has become old and unreadable by the passage of time. It is implied that customers must run a long way to reach the player, as revealed by various comments made by the customer. Oddly, one customer, when the party tries to sell an unsellable item, says they already have the item. This applies even when the item in question is a unique item such as the Sound Stone.

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