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Sprites Fopby
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common
Hit points 240
Psychic points 19
Offense 98
Defense 84
Speed 5
Guts 5
IQ 3
Experience reward 18348
Wealth $620.00
Drops PSI caramel
Location Lumine Hall

Fobbies are enemies in EarthBound. Relatively weak foes, Fobbies are capable of using both the α and Ω levels of the Brainshock PSI, and can use Hungry HP-suckers. Neither of these abilities are effective however, as their initial battle condition is "cannot concentrate", but if you fail to kill them quickly enough, they will come to their senses and be able to use these abilities. They are encountered in groups of up to six in the Lumine Hall catacombs, at which point in the game Fobbies can be a very useful tool for level grinding due to their high experience-over-challenge ratio. Due to them being one of the few enemies which both have PSI points and appear in large numbers, they can be used to absorb PSI points with PSI Magnet Ω.

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  • These enemies were the base for the phrase: "Foppies are Pink, so Fobbies are Borange," which dubbed a quite famous radio series based off of EarthBound named Fobbies are Borange
  • Oddly, Some Fobbies are unable to fight in groups, and have a different background when fought.
  • Fobbies, like some other enemies in EarthBound, bear a different colour when fought in battle as opposed to their overworld sprite.
  • This enemy is the namesake of, a web hosting site.

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