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Flying Man
Sprites Flying Men M1 Flying Men
Origin Magicant in Mother, Magicant in EarthBound
Appears in Mother, EarthBound

The Flying Men (フライングマン, alternatively Flyingman in Encyclopedia MOTHER) are characters in Mother and EarthBound. They live together in a small house that Ninten and Ness can visit in Magicant both in Mother and EarthBound, respectively. If a Flying Man is spoken to, he will join Ninten or Ness until he is knocked unconscious. Once a Flying Man has been defeated, he cannot be revived and will be buried at his home. There are five in all, but only one can join Ninten or Ness at a time.

In EarthBound, the Flying Men introduce themselves to Ness as his 'Courage'. This is keeping in line with the fundamental nature of Magicant, which is a manifestation of its visitor's unconscious mind. In addition to their appearances, they can deal and sustain a moderate-to-high damage from enemies.


  • They may be a reference to the enemies in the NES game Balloon Fight, who not only look like birds but also fly by using balloons.
  • Near the house where the Flying Men reside, Buzz Buzz's grave can be found.
  • Flying Men appear in the Magicant stage in Super Smash Bros for 3DS, and will ally with the first player who touches them. They fight in the same manner as normal fighters do, so they can also be grabbed and punched out of stage.

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