Flea Charm
Appears in Mother 3
Type Equipment
Equippable by Boney, Duster, Flint, Lucas, Kumatora, Salsa
Equip Type Body
Equip Bonuses +5 Defense, prevents Fleas
Dropped from Great Antlion (100% from the one spinning the Save Frog)
Found Thomas's Bazaar
Description To be equipped on the body. Defense +5.

The Flea Charm is an equippable item in Mother 3 that can be worn on the body. It increases the wearer's defense by 5 and prevents the status ailment Fleas. This is equippable by Boney, Duster, Flint, Kumatora, Lucas, and Salsa. Flea charms can be obtained from Thomas's Bazaar for free before Chapter 4. The Great Antlion in Death Desert that is spinning around the Save Frog also has a 100% chance of dropping it upon defeat.

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