The Fish Roe Man is an optional "mini-boss" in Mother 3, encountered in a particular section of the undersea passage between Tazmily Village and Tanetane Island. It appears to be a sort of sushi with arms and legs.


Its signature moves are the Fish Roe Kick, and the Fish Roe Punch, which can also be used by an Unused boss character in Mother 3 when in its Mini Elevator form. Upon defeat, it jumps into the mouth of one of the party members, causing a burning sensation.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 22 which falls under Code Numbers 502 for regular attack, 503 for Smaaaash! and 504 for Miss.


  • His pose is based on Elvis, but there are no other known connections between Fish Roe Man and Elvis.
  • The Fish Roe Man and The Squeekz share a connection; they are both based on Elvis. They also share similar battle themes.