"This monster is a small bug fused with a cheap lighter. It's doomed to a one-time use."
Battle Memory

The Firefly is an enemy in Mother 3. They are released in the Sunshine Forest by the Pigmask Army in Chapter 1. Contrary to what their name implies, these are regular flies that have been combined with a cheap lighter. Flint is the only one to encounter the Fireflies, fighting off a trio of them while trekking through the forest, which the Army set ablaze.

The Pyreflies of Fire Mountain are stronger version of the Fireflies.


The Fireflies' attack patterns are rather simple: they will either charge or spew fire at Flint. When defeated, Flint will receive a Nut Bread.

Mother 3 (Eng. Translation 1.1) 02

Back Sprite of a firefly, found by using the debug room.

A Firefly can be fought as a "test" enemy in the Debug Room; attacking it from behind will show the Firefly's unused back sprite.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 25, a battle sound used exclusively by him and Pyrefly which falls under Code Numbers 511 for regular attack, 512 for Smaaaash! and 513 for Miss.

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