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Filthy Attack Roach

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Filthy Attack Roach
Filthy Attack Roach
Relatives Violent Roach
Metal Attack Roach
Appears in EarthBound
Mother 3
Status Common
Hit points 399
Psychic points 0
Offense 84
Defense 33
Speed 77
Guts 9
Experience reward 10543
Wealth $432
Drops Secret Herb (1/16 chance)
Vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze, Paralysis, Brainshock
Location Fourside Sewers
Filthy Attack Roach
Mother 3
Status Normal
Level 39
Hit points 335
Psychic points 0
Offense 118
Defense 40
IQ 30
Speed 54
Experience reward 450 EXP
Wealth 92 DP
Drops Paper Fan (10%)
Vulnerable to PK Freeze

PK Fire (slight)

Location Outside Saturn Valley
In-battle theme Mambo de Battle
The Filthy Attack Roach is an enemy that appears in EarthBound's Fourside Sewers and outside Mother 3's Saturn Valley. In EarthBound they are extremely weak to fire, ice, paralysis, and brainshock, whereas in Mother 3 they are weak to fire, ice, and bombs. They have an 8 in 128 chance of dropping a Secret Herb in EarthBound, while there is a 10% chance of them dropping a Paper Fan in Mother 3.

In Mother 3, its battle sound is Battle Sound 29, a battle sound used exclusively by spud bugs and roaches, which falls under Code Numbers 523 for regular attack, 524 for Smaaaash! and 525 for Miss.

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