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Pork Trooper
FiercePorkTrooper Fierce Pork Trooper -2
Kowai Onna Douraku no Butamasuku
Sprites Scary Womanizing Pig mask Pork Trooper
Affiliations Pigmask Army
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Boss
Nom de guerre Fierce Pork Trooper
Level 28,¹ 30²
Hit points 1758,¹ 2064²
Offense 125,¹ 159²
Defense 46,¹ 59²
IQ 15,¹ 18²
Speed 25,¹ 29²
Experience reward 1548,¹ 3286²
Wealth 620 DP,¹ 650 DP²
Drops Pickled Veggie Plate¹
Vulnerable to DCMC merchandise, PSI Fire
Location HighwayThunder Tower²
In-battle theme Misplaced Revenge

The Pork Trooper (コワモテブタマスク Kowamote Butamasuku lit. "Scary Look Pigmask") is a high-ranking soldier in the Pigmask Army (although there are many higher-ranked members), and fights against Lucas and friends twice during the game. He can also be seen at any DCMC concerts Lucas and co. go to.

Like all Pigmasks, he is a fan of DCMC, and using DCMC goods on him during the battle will distract him. His weakness is comparable to Master Belch's addiction to fly honey in EarthBound, as both the Pork Trooper and Belch are susceptible enough to their respective weaknesses to completely drop their guard in battle, as well as fight the main characters twice.


The Pork Trooper has two different battle sprites that are encountered within the normal game. When he attacks Lucas and friends on the Highway, he wears a standard pink uniform, albeit augmented with horns and less customized armor that covers his monolithic figure. When he is encountered by the party the second time in Thunder Tower, he admits he has prepared for them by donning his true battle suit. Colored blue, his battle suit resembles that of a Pigmask Captain's uniform, although it once again uses the same customizations as his standard suit. It also has longer horns and steel plating protecting his hands.

Unused FormEdit


The Unused Pork Trooper

He has an unused third form, although there is no proper sprite for it, and thus, appears as a black square. As seen in the picture,It gives 2820 experience points.


  • The second time you fight the Pork Trooper, he refers to being in his "Handle With Care" time. This is a reference to the song, "Handle With Care", by the Traveling Wilburys, a band who included famous Beatles member, George Harrison.

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