"A mysterious energy form that powerfully resonates with the vibrations of the last Needle."
Battle Memory

Fenomeno is an enemy in Mother 3. It appears in the cavern underneath the Empire Porky Building, where the final Needle is held, and is often paired with Minerali.

Both the Minerali (Italian minerals) and Fenomeno (Italian phenomenon) are references to enemies in EarthBound that were represented in the overworld by a giant octahedron or a spark, respectively. In addition to its name, the Battle Memory suggest that Fenomeno are pulses of energy emanated by the last Needle.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 32 which falls under Code Numbers 855 for regular attack, 856 for Smaaaash! and 857 for Miss.


Fenomeno can leap forward to deal moderate damage to a character, and can discharge electricity similar to a PK Thunder γ. Their battle music is Troublesome Guys.

They resist most status ailments, save for the freezing inflicted by PK Freeze (also their most prominent weakness. The Fenomeno may drop a Magic Pudding when defeated.