Fate is the somber song used in Mother 3. This sad battle song is first heard when battling the Dog Zombie, a monster encountered in the Sunset Cemetery. Perhaps this song was used to represent those who have died, or perhaps for miserable times and memories.

The rhythm for this song is rather easy, but very hard to pull off. Some even consider it the hardest song in Mother 3 to combo to (in conjunction with Serious). It's the regular football chanting rhythm that goes something like: "X_X_XXX_XXXX_XX_". Even when the player knows how the rhythm goes, it's still very hard to pull it off, because this song is very fast.


Serious is the alternate version of Fate. At first glance, this is just a duplicate of Fate, but the truth is that, while it has the same rhythm, the second half of the song has a layer of harmony added to the guitar. This difference is very minimal and it does not affect gameplay.


  • Fate is the only battle theme in Mother 3 in which the "alternate" version, Serious, is exactly the same in terms of rhythm.

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