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MOTHER 3- Family Matters 2nd Movement01:47

MOTHER 3- Family Matters 2nd Movement

Family Matters: 2nd Movement is a mix of several classic compositions. This song plays exclusively when battling against Mr. Passion, and is consisted of the following pieces:

0:00 to 0:14 of Etude for Ghosts also plays in this song.

Ode to Ancestors: 8th MovementEdit

MOTHER 3- Ode to Ancestors 8th Movement01:36

MOTHER 3- Ode to Ancestors 8th Movement

Ode to Ancestors: 8th Movement is an alternate version. It's actually quite different from Family Matters: 2nd Movement, and it's by far, one of the most dynamic songs in Mother 3 due to its non-linear rhythm. Attempting to combo before hearing the heartbeat is not recommended as the tempo frequently changes throughout the song. It consists of the following classical pieces:


  • The part after Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor in Ode to Ancestors: 8th Movement has the lowest BPM in the game: 18 (in other words, it's the speed from the last beat of that part to the first beat of Handel's Messiah Hallelujah; 0:24 to 0:27). Playing an instrument, i.e. attacking, while in this void will make the instrument play very slowly.

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