The Extra Cranky Lady is an enemy encountered in Earthbound, and is a common enemy in Fourside. The Extra Cranky Lady has a different palette color than the Cranky Lady enemy in Twoson, which bears a resemblance to Lardna Minch.

Even though she can't team up with other enemies, she can still put up a relatively good fight. Unlike the Cranky Lady, the Extra Cranky Lady can start a continuous attack or say something really scary to solidify the target. However, the Extra Cranky Lady, like the Cranky Lady, can still scowl sharply to lower Ness and co.'s Guts or wield a shopping bag, which deals moderate to high damage. Another thing that they have in common is that they're both rich, being able to buy large fur coats around their necks and fine clothes. When defeated, she gives 3651 EXP and $134, and drops a Handbag strap 16/128 of the time. She shares her in-battle theme of "Battle Against a Weird Opponent" with Cranky Lady.