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Evil Mani Mani
Sprites Evil Mani Mani Broken Mani Mani
Appears in EarthBound
Hit points 860
Psychic points 88
Offense 86
Defense 145
Speed 15
Guts 1
Experience reward 28139
Wealth $1852
Location Moonside

Evil Mani Mani is a boss in EarthBound. It is a golden statue that brings out the evil in human beings, which was also used as focal point to help spreading Giygas's influence across the world. First discovered by Lier X. Agerate deep beneath his home in Onett, the Evil Mani Mani is bought by Carpainter and used to control the minds of the Happy Happyists in Happy Happy Village before it was stolen by the thief Mr. Everdred. It was later stolen again by the mayor of Fourside, Geldegarde Monotoli, who also fell influence to its power and kept it hidden behind Jackie's Café in Fourside.

It is later confronted in Moonside, an illusion of Fourside made from its own power, as a living entity that attacks Ness and his friends. Once defeated, the idol falls apart and Moonside vanishes. The vertical golden statue used as a sprite is the regular view depicted in the basement of Lier X. Agerate and in the office of Carpainter. The pink sprite is the one shown in the boss battle outside the Monotoli building in Moonside. Strangely enough, the battle can only be initiated by checking the statue, which it will then say in a text box; "It is a golden statue that you have seen before."

Ness's Nightmare, who is fought in Magicant, appears almost identical to the Evil Mani Mani, but it is unknown whether they share any connection. It can be assumed that due to the trait of the Mani Mani Statue bringing out the evil in people, that Ness may associate it with the evil in his mind.


  • Players have found out that when the Pencil Eraser is used on the Mani Mani Statue outside of battle, a text box will show up saying, "Do you really think this looks like a pencil?" The same text will also appear if the Pencil Eraser is used on Ness's Nightmare.
  • Interestingly, there is also text if the Eraser Eraser is used on the statue: "It looks like some sort of primitive human statue if you look at it from the right angle... But it definitely doesn't look like an eraser... does it?". Since the Eraser Eraser is obtained long after this battle, this text can only be viewed by hacking or in PK Hack's text editor. As with the Pencil Eraser, the same text appears if the Eraser Eraser is used on Ness's Nightmare.
  • The background battle screen of the Evil Mani Mani is similar to Ness's Nightmare and the final Masked Man battle background from Mother 3.
  • The Mani Mani Statue resembles the Oscar/the Academy Award with a pair of horns. This may be playing at the sentiment that power and fame can corrupt people.
  • It should be noted that Pokey Minch shows up wherever the Mani Mani Statue goes (Onett, Happy Happy Village, Fourside), hinting at his connection to Giygas.
  • In Mother 2, the Evil Mani Mani was is actually called something along the lines of "Mani Mani Devil" or "Mani Mani Demon". However, Nintendo's American division changed it to "Evil Mani Mani" in order to avoid any religious references.[1]
  • The 'Mani' in its name is taken from 'manipulate', which accurately describes how the characters who had the Evil Mani Mani beside them were being manipulated by the Evil Mani Mani's influence.
  • The Mani Mani sounds similar, to "money, money", implying that it may be a metaphor for avarice; however, this may be a coincidence.
  • It is believed that the in-battle sprites for the Mani Mani statue and Ness's Nightmare are reversed, as Mani Mani is pink but should be gold, as Ness's Nightmare is.


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