Even Slimier Little Pile
Even Slimer Little Pile
Gedo Gedo
Relatives Slimy Little Piles, Mini Barf
Affiliations Master Barf
Appears in EarthBound
Hit points 326
Psychic points 0
Offense 103
Defense 101
Speed 22
Guts 9
IQ 39
Experience reward 15075
Wealth $579
Drops Multi-Bottle Rocket
Vulnerable to Paralysis
Location Deep Darkness

Even Slimier Little Piles are enemies that are fought in EarthBound in the Deep Darkness area. They resemble Slimy Little Piles except that these monsters are a shade of purple. They use regular attacks, exhale a stinky breath that may make the party cry, and spit an immobilizing sticky mucus at a party member. Occasionally, Even Slimier Little Piles may call for help, so they should be the first target in a battle. These can also be called by the Big Pile of Puke and other Even Slimier Little Piles.

Their battle theme is "Battle against Belch".

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