Etude for Ghosts is a battle theme in Mother 3. It usually plays when battling against opponents that relate to art or to the medieval times. This small composition is a bit upbeat, but with a calm tempo.

Etude for Ghosts (unused alternate)

An unused alternate version was found inside Mother 3. This song doesn't play anywhere in the game, however, this version is known to have appeared in Earthbound 64. The difference between Etude for Ghosts and this version is that this one is missing some parts and cuts off sooner.

Specifically, the parts in Etude from Ghosts from 0:14 to 0:19 and 0:51 to 1:15 are missing.


  • Etude for Ghosts's heartbeat track has a duplicate inside the game. There's a track with number 1859 and the same thing in spot number 1897.