Escargo Express!

Escargo Express!

"Hello, this is Escargo Express!"
— Escargo Express

The Escargo Express is a delivery service in EarthBound. Ness can call them at any time via his sister, Tracy, who works part-time at the business. She can assign a courier to deliver items he has stored, or to store items for him (up to three at a time). The delivery or storage charge is $18. It can also be reached by talking to Tracy at Ness's House or Magicant.

Escargo Express is often used to get rid of items that can't be thrown away or sold, making the service very useful.

Up to 34 items can be stored.


The name 'Escargo Express' comes from "escargot", the French word for "snails". Ironically, an Escargo Express employee arrives almost immediately whilst Mach Pizza takes a few minutes to arrive.