"I've been waiting for you. My master, Apple Kid completed this "Eraser Eraser Machine." While he was calling you, he was kidnapped. He felt like this...!!!!! I was there, but was helpless. Sorry about that. Anyway, take this machine."
— Apple Kid's Mouse

The Eraser Eraser (also known as the Eraser Eraser Machine) is a key item in EarthBound that erases erasers. Its main purpose is to remove the Iron Eraser blocking the way to Stonehenge Base. However, it is referred to as the Kokeshi Doll Erasing Machine in the Japanese version of the game, where it erases Iron Kokeshi Doll statues instead.

Ness and co. first hear of the Eraser Eraser Machine when Apple Kid calls as they are leaving the Tenda Village for the first time, saying he is working on it in Dr. Andonuts's laboratory before he is kidnapped and the call ends. When the party goes to the lab, Apple Kid's nameless mouse says that he could not help, but gives them the machine. Since the only Iron Eraser is in Stonehenge Base, Apple Kid's invention is then used so he, along with others, can be rescued.

If the Eraser Eraser is used on the Evil Mani Mani or Ness' Nightmare (the former being only possible through hacking), the player receives the text "It looks sort of like some primitive human statue if you look at it from the right angle... But it definitely doesn't look like an eraser... does it?"

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