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Enemy Encounter!
Sound Player number 9
Code number 1940
Tempo 160 BPM

Enemy Encounter! is a short tune in Mother 3. This music plays when the characters encounter an enemy and initiate battle, either face to face (blue swirl) or from the enemy's back (green swirl).

The Enemy Attacks!Edit

The Enemy Attacks!
Sound Player number 25
Code number 1942
Tempo 160 BPM

The Enemy Attacks! plays when the characters are caught from behind by an enemy (red swirl).

Big Enemy Encounter!Edit

Big Enemy Encounter!
Sound Player number 63
Code number 1941
Tempo 136 BPM
Other tempo 144 BPM to 136 BPM from 0:00 to 0:01

Big Enemy Encounter! plays when the characters initiate battle with a boss.

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