The Electro Swoosh is an enemy in EarthBound that appears only in Magicant. Electro Swoosh's appearance is that of two large eyeballs with lightning bolts for eyelashes. It mainly attacks by sending out electrical shocks, which are deflected back if Ness is equipped with the Franklin Badge. It still can charge forward, though. Occasionally, it will waste a turn by "sending a greeting".


  • This enemy probably belongs to the same class or family as Dadseyes, Momseyes, and Watchers from the first game- all three were also named "Papa Swoosh", "Mama Swoosh", and "Swoosh" respectively; in addition, all three also appeared, along with similar enemies Foureyes and Groucho, in Magicant.
  • In the game Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a enemy named Sparks that looks almost the same as a Electro Swoosh. Sparks are also floating eyes with electricity.