Electro Specter
Electro Specter Clay Model
Dengeki Bachi Bachi
Sprites Electro Specter In-BattleShining Spot Sprite
Age 1500
Origin Lumine Hall
Appears in EarthBound
Status PSI Shield β
Hit points 3092
Psychic points 80
Offense 148
Defense 203
Speed 29
Guts 47
Experience reward 261,637
Wealth $6564.00
Vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze
Location Lumine Hall
"I am the guardian of Lumine Hall. I am not of this world, yet I have been designated to guard this haven of love, friendship, and memories. However, as I stand in solitude, I have been influenced by earthly hate, despair, and seclusion. An unworldly entity has shown me true emotions of this world, and now I shall share my own mortal sorrows with you."
— Electro Specter

Electro Specter is the guardian of the seventh EarthBound "Your Sanctuary" location, Lumine Hall. The guidebook states that he is made of unknown materials not of this earth. Whatever these materials may be, he come equipped with a PSI Shield β right at the start of battle. He boasts PK Thunder, Neutralizer and Hungry HP-sucker. Taking him out grants access to Lumine Hall, the seventh piece of the melody, and the Lost Underworld.

Unlike most Sanctuary Guardians, Electro Specter does not use the normal Sanctuary Guardian theme. He instead shares his theme with the Kraken and Thunder and Storm.

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