Sprites Electra
Origin Fourside
Affiliations Geldegarde Monotoli
Appears in EarthBound
"Hello! I heard you talking about trout-flavored yogurt. I'm a maid who serves Mr. Monotoli, and I'm looking for trout-flavored yogurt to give to our special guest. If you know anything about it, please tell me! I've been searching and searching..."
— Electra

Electra is a character in EarthBound. She is Geldegarde Monotoli's maid, but is shown to be interested in trout-flavored yogurt to serve to a special guest, which is either Pokey or Aloysius Minch. She resides in the penthouse on the forty-eighth floor of the Monotoli Building in Fourside.

After Ness retrieves the Yogurt dispenser from the Monkey Cave, talking with Electra outside the Monotoli Building results in her taking the item. However, she also gives the party access to the forty-eighth floor by instructing the elevator operator that previously denied them access to let them use the elevator. In her room, she tells the party that she thinks of Master Pokey as cool, noting that he gave something the other day while saying that "this is fit for a maid..."

Electra bears a resemblance to Ms. Marshmallow, Pokey's robotic maid in Mother 3. It is possible that Ms. Marshmallow was designed in Electra's likeness.

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