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Einswine Battle
Sprites Einswine
Affiliations Chimera Laboratory
Appears in Mother 3
Mother 3
Status Enemy
Level 35
Hit points 387
Psychic points 60
Offense 92
Defense 42
IQ 28
Speed 38
Experience reward 344
Wealth 100
Drops Magic Tart 10%
Vulnerable to PK Fire, PK Freeze
Location Around the Chimera Laboratory
In-battle theme Serious

Einswine are enemies in Mother 3. They are simply pigs with a container carrying a brain on their heads. They first appear in Chapter 7, west and east of the Chimera Lab, by Lucas and Boney. They are known to use PK Fire, PK Thunder, and Brainshock. They have relatively low physical damage and HP as well. The name Einswine is a portmanteau of Einstein and Swine, or a pun for Einstein.


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