Dusty Dunes Desert is an area in EarthBound. It is located between Threed and Fourside.

Ness and his friends first arrive in a bus, which is stuck behind traffic. There is a Drugstore and a cavern full of monkeys to the west, and east is a shack where two miners live. The mine can be explored a while after.  When straying from the road, Ness and co. may get sunstroke, which can be healed with PSI Healing or a Wet Towel. A sidequest can also be attempted here, where the player can talk to a black sesame seed up north and try to find a white sesame seed. By the road are the Slot Machine Brothers.  A sign describing a lost pair of contacts can also be found.  Nearby it are the Contact Lens, which appear as a sparkle in the sand.  They can be returned to the man on the second floor of the Fourside Bakery for a Pair of Dirty Socks, which solidifies an enemy with nausea in battle.


Drugstore counter Drugstore assistant Black market Desert food stand




  • The music played on this area is a remix of the music played in Yucca Desert in EarthBound Beginnings.
  • Despite the localizers trying to remove any references to drugs in the English version, they failed to cover up a large billboard in the desert with the words "DRUGS."
  • There is a small black sesame seed on the west/left side of the desert. If you talk to it, the Photo Man will take a photo of you, so you can remember this very special time when you talked to a sesame seed in the middle of the desert.
    • This black sesame seed will ask you to seek out a white sesame seed whom he loves on the other end of the desert and wishes to apologize for hurting. You can seek out the white seed to get a few lines of dialogue in which she reveals she still loves the black seed and returning to the black seed with this knowledge will cause him to weep. Aside from a nice moment, there is no practical reward for this.