Duncan's Factory (ダンカンこうじょう Duncans Factory in Mother) is a location found in EarthBound Beginnings, north of Merrysville. Ninten and Lloyd venture into this place in order to launch a rocket to blow up the boulder blocking the train tracks, which will allow them to proceed to Spookane and Snowman.

Enemies here include Old Robot, Scrapper, Bomber, Fireball, and Dr. Distorto. It is similar to Sweet's Little Factory except much larger and more winding. Oddly enough, this factory contains no factory-like objects, and instead more closely resembles a warehouse.

According to the Encyclopedia MOTHER, the owner, whose full name is Goldrich Duncan, founded the factory in 1969. He apparently planned on building a strip club in Merrysville, but was heavily opposed by petitioners. He's residing in Tokyo until the controversy blows over.

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