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Dry Guys
MOTHER 3- Dry Guys01:46

MOTHER 3- Dry Guys

Sound Player number 82
Code number 1960
Heartbeat code number 1760
Looping rhythm 2 beats at 96 BPM, 3 at 144 BPM
Alternately, at ~288 BPM, with the scheme: X__X__X_X_X_
Enemies Big Bro, Li'l Big Bro, Sand Lizard, Squawking Boomstick

Dry Guys is a battle theme in Mother 3. It consists of first slow and then fast beats, and repeats after that. It also appears to be a variation of Monkey's Delivery Service.

Even Drier GuysEdit

Even Drier Guys
MOTHER 3- Even Drier Guys01:26

MOTHER 3- Even Drier Guys

Sound Player number 129
Code number 1160
Heartbeat code number 1860
Looping rhythm 2 beats at 120 BPM, 3 at 180 BPM
Alternately, the same scheme as Dry Guys, but at ~360 BPM.
Enemies Cheery Skeleton, Ostrelephant, Squawking Stick

Even Drier Guys is the harder version. It's a lot faster. Enemies like the Squawking Stick use this battle theme.

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