A drug store in Twoson; Mother 2 (left) and EarthBound (right)

Drug stores are special shops in EarthBound. They are small stores that can be found in most towns, the first being Onett. They carry a variety of items, ranging from medicine to weapons and armor. They also have a payphone and an ATM machine. Different drug stores sell different things, depending on the environment and place within the game. For example, the drug store in Onett will sell significantly less expensive and powerful weapons than a drug store in Threed since the Onett drug store appears long before the drug store in Threed. These are not to be confused with the Fourside Department Store, which is far larger and contains countless more rooms and floors.


  • When looked at on the town map in Mother 2, the drug store is marked by the word "DRUG". However, in EarthBound, the word was changed to "STORE" to avoid any extremely obvious references to drugs.