"Oh, it's old man Wess's son, What's-His-Name. If you're headed out, crossing the drawbridge would be faster and safer than taking this underground passage. Here, I'll give you the Drawbridge Key. Nah, don't worry about giving it back. Just go on and take it. As long as I got this here underground passage, that'll be enough for me."

The Drawbridge Key is a key item in Mother 3. It controls access to Osohe Castle via the drawbridge.

In Chapter 2, as Duster returns to Wess with the Noble Spitoon, he exits the castle and finds that Nippolyte has blocked access to the underground pathway, effectively trapping him in.

However, when he talks to Nippolyte, he receives the Drawbridge Key to lower the drawbridge; Nippolyte says that he does not need it because he can use his underground passageway. Duster can use the key on the drawbridge's westernmost windlass, and the key item disappears from his inventory.

The lowered drawbridge later lets the Pigmask Army invade the castle to search for the Egg of Light.

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