Drago Fang
Drago Fang
Appears in Mother 3
Equippable by Flint
Description The relic of a horrible accident. A fang sharp enough to pierce even Drago hide.
"Flint. Just take this and go. It's "the" Drago fang. I made it into a weapon. The only thing that can pierce the tough hide of a Drago is a Drago's fang. There's no other weapon that can beat a Drago. I realize this might be tough for you to accept, but you should take it."

The Drago Fang is an item in Mother 3. The fang is tied to the end of a stick to make it look like a javelin. The weapon was found stuck in Hinawa's heart by Bronson, and proves that the Mecha-Drago killed her. This weapon, when used in battle, allows Flint and Alec to attack the Mecha-Drago; its hide is so tough, all attacks cause little damage to it without the aid of the Drago Fang. It is not used for the rest of the game after piercing the hide of the Mecha-Drago during the battle and following cutscene.

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