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Double Burger
Appears in EarthBound
Type Food
Cost $24
Sells for $12
Heals 96 HP
Poo Heals 6 HP
Best Condiments Ketchup Packet
Dropped from Cave Boy (4/128 after returning), Gigantic Ant (4/128), Elder Batty (4/128)
Found Dr. Andonuts' Lab, Moonside
Description When eaten, you recover about 90 HP. 100% beef.

The double burger (ダブルバーガー) is a decent recovery item that can be found throughout the overworld of Earthbound. It has a small chance of being dropped from several different enemies, including the Gigantic Ant and the Cave Boy(only after Jeff returns with Ness and Paula.) It can also be bought at the Fourside Department Store and several other burger joints or shops. When used, the unit who consumes the item will recover approximately 90 HP.

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