Don't Care is a series of options that are present in EarthBound and Mother 3. They are suggested names for the characters, the main character's favorite food, and the main character's offensive PSI ability/their favorite thing. The first one is considered to be their official and canonical name.

In EarthBound, using the "Don't Care" option allows the player to cycle through seven names for the characters, with the first being the character's official name. For example, if the option is used for a boy with a red baseball cap, he will be named "Ness", for a girl with blond hair and ribbons, it is "Paula", for a boy who is the son of a professor it is "Jeff", for a prince who lives in Dalaam, it is "Poo", for a dog that belongs to Ness, it is "King", for Ness and his family's favorite food , it is "Steak", and for a powerful trademark PSI move learned at birth/favorite thing, it is "PSI Rockin".

In Mother 3, the "Don't Care" option again appears, but unlike EarthBound, there is only one name to choose from for the characters, instead of various names (although Lucas's favorite food and favorite thing have multiple choices). However, this is the first time that the main character's family can be named. The people and objects that can be named this way are Lucas, Claus, Flint, Hinawa, Boney, Lucas's family's favorite food, Lucas's favorite thing, Duster, Kumatora, and Salsa.


  • In both EarthBound and Mother 3, the only times the naming screen does not have the "Don't Care" option are when the player is inputting their own name.
  • One of Ness's Don't Care names was Alec, the same name as Lucas's Grandfather.
  • In Mother 2, the Don't Care names were different and had distinct themes; The first set is the canon names, the second set is the character's main clothing item, the third set is related to the Japanese boy band SMAP, the fourth set is about the Beatles, the sixth set names are based on the Mario series, and the seventh are about commands to dogs (with the exception of the favorite food and favorite thing, which are "Dog Food" and "Champion", respectively).

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