"There are certain strangely-shaped rocks that wash up on shores often. All with the same size. People long ago used to think they looked like a potbellied Buddha, so they called them "Potbelly Stones". In actuality, they're dolphin ossicles. An ossicle is an ear bone, just in case you didn't know. They're extremely hard. Apparently, they wash up on shores because they don't dissolve in the ocean. I bet you could find some in the Cerulean Beach area if you looked. This has been Li'l Ghosty's Mini-Trivia Corner! Did you find it interesting?"
— An Osohe ghost

Dolphin Ossicles (once known as Potbelly Stones) are items in Mother 3. They only appear from Chapter 4 onwards, and other than the one that an Osohe ghost can give to Lucas and company the second time it is talked to, they can only be acquired on Cerulean Beach. The ghost will explain that they are the ear bones of dolphins and give a short lesson on them. They can be sold for 5 DP, which is their only use. Paul and Linda are said to have gone to the beach to collect Dolphin Ossicles, but Ocho is only implied to have done so through his love of beachcombing.

Shigesato Itoi has stated that he added Dolphin Ossicles into the game because he has his own that he would wear around his neck and make him happy, and that it works as a protective charm for fishermen, surfers, and people who want to return to the area where they found it[1].


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