The Dogfish is an enemy encountered in Mother 3. They are Chimeras constructed in the Chimera Laboratory; they appear as dog-headed, fish-bodied creatures, and have chicken claws for feet. Dogfish reside in the pond east of the Chimera Lab, and can be fought during all chapters that the party can access this area (Chapter 4 to Chapter 7).

Its stronger and tougher counterpart is the infamous Top Dogfish, who it may appear alongside on occasion. Both are a play on the dogfish, a name used for several species of shark.


Its standard attack is biting. On rare occasions, the Dogfish can poison Lucas and his party. It can also use PK Freeze. Its theme is Mischievous Blues. They are weak against Thunder and explosives, and drop either Doggy Biscuits or Doggy Jerky when defeated.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 33, which falls under Code Numbers 858 for regular attack, 859 for Smaaaash! and 860 for Miss.


  • The Dogfish's head resembles that of Snoopy, from Charles Schultz's Peanuts.