For the key item also appearing in EarthBound, see Diamond (Key Item).

The Diamond status ailment is unique to the game EarthBound, although it functions in very much the same way the Unconscious status does, rendering the party member unable to battle or be the target of an attack. The major difference is that a diamondized party member retains all Hit points and Psychic points. Also, instead of following the party as a transparent angel, the member, regardless of gender, follows the party in the shape of a humanoid orange and periwinkle-shaded diamond statue.

There are several different ways to cure this status effect. The fastest and easiest way is to use PSI Healing γ or Ω, but the blue-haired healers (generally found in or nearby hospitals) can also "Soften" the party member for a fee. Lastly, any item that can revive an unconscious party member, such as the Cup of Lifenoodles, Secret Herb or Horn of Life also works on a diamondized party member.

There are several enemies in EarthBound that have the ability to diamondize. Enemies like the Lesser Mook and its Senior counterpart which appear in Winters can diamondize Ness and his friends more often than most other enemies. The Evil Eye in the events of the invasion in Onett uses this ability quite sparingly. A few bosses, like Trillionage Sprout and Diamond Dog, also have the power to diamondize. If these enemies are inflicted with Strangeness, it is possible for them to diamondize themselves or their cohorts, bosses included, effectively removing them from battle as if they were defeated (the game even awards experience points as if the enemies were defeated).

In EarthBound Beginnings, an identically-functioning "Petrification" status was present, and could be inflicted by any enemy with a Stone of Origin, such as Bionic Bats and Gargoyles. It could be healed either through the blue-haired Healers or Healing γ, and is represented on the overworld by the affected party member lacking any walking animation, moving around as a static sprite at the back of the party.

See Also:

  • Numbness, a similar status ailment that appears in both EarthBound and other famous role-playing games, grants a similar effect to being unable to battle.

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