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Dept. Store Spook
Department Store Spook
Sprites Department Store Spook sprite
Relatives Lesser Mook, Mook Senior
Appears in EarthBound
Status Boss
Type Mook
Hit points 610
Psychic points 290
Offense 82
Defense 135
Speed 19
Guts 24
Experience reward 24291
Wealth $1648
Drops None
Vulnerable to PSI Freeze
PSI Fire
Location Fourside Department Store

The Dept. Store Spook (or Department Store Spook) is a boss fought in EarthBound.

Allied with Geldegarde Monotoli, the Spook kidnaps Paula by ambushing the party as they try to leave Fourside's Department Store. It then retreats to the manager's office of the department store and taunts Ness and Jeff into confronting him there. Its presence in the store causes a blackout, and the civilian population is replaced by monsters.

In the Dept. Store Spook's pre-battle monologue it nearly states that Ness and Jeff will burn in Hell, but instead goes on to say that they will instead go to Heaven. Its in-battle theme is Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent, as opposed to all other Mooks using Battle Against A Machine.

Once he is defeated, he reveals that Paula is being held in the Monotoli Building, confident that his master, Giygas, will avenge his death. His destruction returns the department store to normal.


  • The Dept. Store Spook is the only Mook-type enemy in the Mother series that has a unique overworld sprite.
  • It is the only one of the Mook family to not have Mook in it's name.

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