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Deep Darkness
Game EarthBound
Region Chommo
Population 3,500
Average Temperature 82 F
Average Age 42
Annual Rainfall 105 inches
Mosquitoes 4,000,603

Deep Darkness is a location in EarthBound. It is home to a number of monkeys, as well as the Tenda of Tenda Village. Ness and friends visit the Deep Darkness using Dungeon Man's Yellow Submarine to cross the ocean.

The Deep Darkness area is a combination of marsh and swamp; delving into the deeper parts of the region is hazardous to the party's health. The entryway of the Deep Darkness is where the island's monkeys reside. It is also where a traveling salesman has opened shop, and serves as the location's Drugstore. Deeper into the swamp is a cavern where the Tenda reside. Prior to reaching this cavern, the party is ambushed by Master Belch, now rechristened "Master Barf", however his attack ultimately fails when Poo arrives after his training with the Star Master, and vanquishes Barf using PSI Starstorm.

The Deep Darkness is also where the party discovers Fourside mayor Geldegarde Monotoli's private helicopter, which Pokey Minch had used to flee the city earlier in the game. Pokey however is nowhere to be found.



  • "Deep Darkness"


  • The Deep Darkness's equivalent in EarthBound's sequel, Mother 3, is said to be Tanetane Island. Both areas require the party to cross an ocean south in order to be reached.
    EarthBound Deep Darkness Map


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