Dangerous Guys is a battle theme in Mother 3 that play when fighting the most unusual enemies. The rhythm is somewhat simple due to the fact that it is in common time. The piece consists of brass, percussion, steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and synthesizers.

More Dangerous Guys

More Dangerous Guys is the harder version of Dangerous Guys. The difference is that at 0:14, 0:26, 0:40 and 0:51, approximately, the rhythm is a lot faster. It can be tricky to perform these beats, especially at 0:14. Also, when the music ends, it loops back to 0:15 rather than at 0:20.


  • It is somewhat Casino-oriented, because themes like fluid brass and boasting trumpets commonly show at the classic times. Possibly Shogo Sakai wanted to present 'classical' and 'fluid' themes to the in-battles of certain enemies like the Stinky Ghost and REALLY Flying Mouse.
  • This song has a bassline similar to that of Troublesome Guys and Forest Of Flames.
  • The start of the song sounds similar to Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent from EarthBound

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