Dangerous Guys
MOTHER 3- Dangerous guys01:24

MOTHER 3- Dangerous guys

Dangerous, Casino Royale intended and original.
Sound Player number 29
Code number 1965
Heartbeat code number 1765
Tempo 148 BPM
Enemies Baked Yammonster, Frosted Bun, Mrs. Lava, Parental Kangashark, Yammonster

Dangerous Guys is a battle theme in Mother 3 that play when fighting the most unusual enemies. The rhythm is somewhat simple due to the fact that it is in common time. The piece consists of brass, percussion, steel-stringed acoustic guitar, and synthesizers.

More Dangerous GuysEdit

More Dangerous Guys
MOTHER 3- More Dangerous Guys01:32

MOTHER 3- More Dangerous Guys

Sound Player number 79
Code number 1165
Heartbeat code number 1865
Tempo 148 BPM
Other tempo 212 BPM at 0:14, 0:26, 0:40 and 0:51
Enemies Dung Beetle, Stinky Ghost, HUGE Pillbug, Really Flying Mouse

More Dangerous Guys is the harder version of Dangerous Guys. The difference is that at 0:14, 0:26, 0:40 and 0:51, approximately, the rhythm is a lot faster. It can be tricky to perform these beats, especially at 0:14. Also, when the music ends, it loops back to 0:15 rather than at 0:20.

Trivia Edit

  • It is somewhat Casino-oriented, because themes like fluid brass and boasting trumpets commonly show at the classic times. Possibly Shogo Sakai wanted to present 'classical' and 'fluid' themes to the in-battles of certain enemies like the Stinky Ghost and REALLY Flying Mouse.
  • This song has a bassline similar to that of Troublesome Guys and Forest Of Flames.
  • The start of the song sounds similar to Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent from EarthBound

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