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Cumbersome Guys
MOTHER 3- Cumbersome Guys01:10

MOTHER 3- Cumbersome Guys

Sound Player number 54
Code number 1951
Heartbeat code number 1751
Tempo 154 BPM
Enemies Clayman, Master Eddy, Monkalrus, Praying Mantis, Walking Bushie

Cumbersome Guys is an in-battle theme that can be heard when battling Master Eddy or the the Praying Mantis in Mother 3. This music may represent clumsiness or sloppiness or enemies that are simply cumbersome. This theme matches the type of odd, yet somewhat strong enemies.

More Cumbersome GuysEdit

More Cumbersome Guys
MOTHER 3- More Cumbersome Guys01:15

MOTHER 3- More Cumbersome Guys

Sound Player number 77
Code number 1151
Heartbeat code number 1851
Tempo 154 BPM
Other tempo 110 BPM at 0:06, 0:16 and 0:36
Enemies Pseudoor, Spineless Lobster

More Cumbersome Guys is the harder version. It has some parts that move slower, and an accordion can be heard at the end.

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