"Its creepy, happy smile and overly-friendly attitude make it deeply suspicious."
Battle Memory

The Cuddle Bomb is an enemy in Mother 3. They appear as creatures with bodies and hands composed of spheres; their limbs are gray metal stalks. Cuddle Bombs are found north of Argilla Pass near the end of Chapter 7, and are positioned in such a way that they are only avoidable by moving very slowly past them.

Cuddle Bombs are similar in strategy and design to the Robo-Pumps and Care Free Bombs of EarthBound, respectively.


Cuddle Bombs are capable of throwing Bombs and sometimes Super Bombs. They can attach themselves to a random party member, and begin to count down each turn until they detonate. If the Cuddle Bomb attempts to attach to an unconcious party member, it will waste turns by acting flustered. It will then proceed to "explode on the spot," effectively killing itself. Despite supposedly being a bomb, it does not explode upon death, even if attached to someone. The Cuddle Bomb's battle theme is Stringent.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 38 which falls under Code Numbers 873 for regular attack, 874 for Smaaaash! and 875 for Miss.