Appears in EarthBound
Type Food
Cost $18
Sells for $9
Heals 60 HP
Best Condiments Ketchup Packet
Dropped from Mobile Sprouts (4/128)
Mole Playing Rough (4/128)
Putrid Moldyman (4/128)
Found Happy Happy Village Drugstore
Threed Bakery
Grapefruit Falls Salesman
Fourside Bakery
Fourside Department Store
Peaceful Rest Valley
Happy-Happyism HQ
Lilliput Steps
Brick Road's maze
Desert Gold Mine
Magnet Hill
Description When eaten, you recover about 60 HP.

Croissants are items in EarthBound. These delicious baked goods restore 60 HP to Ness, Paula and Jeff, but just 6 HP to Poo. They work well with the Ketchup Packet. Croissants are dropped by Mobile Sprouts, Moles Playing Rough and Putrid Moldymen, and can be found and purchased in a wide variety of shops and areas.

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