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Crazed Sign
Crazed Sign
Sprites Crazed Sign Sprite
Appears in EarthBound
Status Normal
Hit points 295
Psychic points 98
Offense 64
Defense 96
Speed 17
Guts 5
Experience reward 3618
Wealth $244
Drops Big Bottle Rocket (2/128 chance)
Vulnerable to Hypnosis, PSI Freeze
Location Fourside, Summers

The Crazed Sign is an enemy that appears in EarthBound. They appear in both Fourside and Summers, attacking either by themselves or with a Mad Taxi. They have three possible attacks; they can bash a single character, their most common attack, or use the α level of Paralysis and Hypnosis. While they are extremely weak to Hypnosis themselves and fairly weak to PSI Freeze, they are completely resistant to PSI Flash and Brainshock. They have a 2/128 chance of dropping a Big Bottle Rocket. It appears to read "Ohio.

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