The Crazed Sign is an enemy that appears in EarthBound. They appear in both Fourside and Summers, attacking either by themselves or with a Mad Taxi. They have three possible attacks; they can bash a single character, their most common attack, or use the α level of Paralysis and Hypnosis. While they are extremely weak to Hypnosis themselves and fairly weak to PSI Freeze, they are completely resistant to PSI Flash and Brainshock. They have a 2/128 chance of dropping a Big Bottle Rocket.

The Crazed Sign sprite appears to read "OHIO" or possibly "HI" depending on if you count the "eyes" as letters. The sign looks to be a U.S. route sign, and the "40" on it could be a reference to U.S. Route 40, which runs horizontally across the United States from Colorado to New Jersey, and passes through Ohio.