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Cranky Lady
In-Battle Cranky Lady
(ガミガミレディ, Nag Lady)
Sprites Overworld Cranky Lady
Relatives Extra Cranky Lady
Appears in EarthBound
Status Common Enemy
Hit points 95
Psychic points 0
Offense 16
Defense 18
Speed 6
Guts 3
Experience reward 200
Wealth $17
Drops Handbag Strap (2/128)
Vulnerable to PSI Fire, PSI Freeze (75%)
Location Twoson

Cranky Ladies are human enemies that are found in EarthBound. These enemies are first encountered by Ness in the path between Twoson and the Two-Three Tunnel leading to Threed. They appear as women with purple faces and orange hair, wearing mahogany dresses and hats, and carrying a shopping bag. Their sprite bears a resemblance to the sprite of Lardna Minch.

Her standard attack can deal low to moderate damage. She can scowl sharply to lower Ness and co.'s Guts. She can wield a shopping bag, which deals a moderate to high damage. However, she can also waste her turn by having a big grin on her face. When defeated, she gives 200 EXP and $17, also dropping a Handbag strap 2/128 of the time.

Her in-battle theme is "Battle Against a Weird Opponent".

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